Campers return home from summer camp with happy memories, learned independence and priceless new friendships.  However, funding camp can prove to be challenging for many families.  Here are some funding ideas for parents looking for help.

  1. Community Organizations.  Many community clubs and organizations are anxious to help families.  Reach out to family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers who belong to these clubs to find out how to apply for assistance.  Such clubs include:
    1. Rotary Club
    2. Lions Club
    3. Kiwanis
    4. Elks Lodge
    5. Church
  2. Family and Friends.  Consider sharing news of camp with family and friends who may like to help.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles may like to help sponsor a child.
  3. Local Fundraisers.  Host a fundraiser and invite friends, family members and neighbors to come together for a fun activity that also helps collect funds for camp.  Area restaurants and bars are often willing to supply food and beverages for a set fee while raffles and auction items can help raise additional money.  Check your local state guidelines regarding this.  Here are a few ideas:
    1. Organize a car wash
    2. Bake sale
    3. Recycle day
    4. Selling candy bars
    5. Get media coverage-tell your story and have people donate to camp in your child’s name to help defer the cost.
    6. Have a “work for self” party such as Avon, Jamberry Nails, Silpada, etc where reps are willing to donate the proceeds from the party sales to your camper.
    7. Hold a garage sale-ask others to donate goods they would normally donate to a Goodwill center to support your cause.



Individual grants are available for families for services such as therapy and camp.  Here are some resources:


Fundraising websites provide opportunities for individuals to collect money online by sharing your child's story.  Here are a few examples:


Always try a Google search – you never know what ideas you can find!