Camp ALEC Traverse City, MI Film Festival


Want to learn more about what we do at Camp ALEC?  You can get a sneak peak thanks to a short documentary that we hope will be screened at film festivals around the country.  The film Camp ALEC will make its debut at the Traverse City Film Festival on August 3 (see link below). How did this happen? Let’s step back to July of 2018.


Ben, a former camper of ours, was out in Arizona where he ran into Christopher Stoudt and family. Ben felt his group was making a lot of noise, and Ben gave them his famous stink eye!   Well, the next morning, as we understand it, Christopher went to apologize to Ben and his family and he was blown away with how Ben communicated. This was his first exposure to AAC. Ben and his family told him about Camp ALEC (thank you!) and two weeks before camp, we were contacted by a film crew and asked if they could spend a good portion of the week with us to see what the world of AAC was all about. They were absolutely blown away by our campers, counselors, and literacy counselors, as well as Drs. Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver.  They spent the week filming and the rest of the year putting together a documentary about camp. That brings us to the present...

We learned that the documentary would be titled Camp ALEC and will be a co-production with The Kennedy/Marshall Company. Think Jurassic World, The Bourne Identity, Sully, Seabiscuit....more exciting is that this documentary will be entered at several film festivals (fingers crossed). First off being our home state of Michigan. If you live close to the Traverse City Area, we hope you will join those of us who can attend to see the screening and support the incredible talent of our campers!!!!! Screening is August 3, 2019. These kids really shine, and we are so proud of them. Please see the link below for details. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions! We hope to see you there!

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